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Our Autumn Menu launching Wednesday September 4th

The leaves are beginning to take on a red, yellow and brownish hue. Temperatures are gradually dropping and our culinary needs are changing. Appetites are growing for comforting and inspiring dishes to encourage us through the autumn months.

With this in mind, here on High Pavement Street we have carefully curated a selection designed to exploit the finest flavours of the season.

New seasonal root vegetable dishes

Chef Jacque and his Bib Gourmand Michelin-recognised kitchen team has been hard at work sourcing beautiful, fresh, root vegetables such as celeriac and pumpkin and transforming them into inspirational tapas by combining them with fascinating world flavours; kohlrabi, curry, and piquillo all feature adding punch and vibrancy.

Tender autumn meat and fish tapas

Tender seasonal meats feature on our new menu such as venison and rabbit. Late summer through to December is the optimum time to source the best-sized rabbits. With it's fabulously subtle flavour, it is sure to delight as the principle ingredient in our new rabbit empanadas dish.

Oysters, contrary to popular belief are at their most succulent from September - April. As such it is the ideal time to re-introduce them to our summer menu. We have chosen to deep fry our oysters to offer an exceptional crunch and unique flavour. This is a somewhat nontraditional way to prepare oyster meat, however i'm sure this won't worry you. After all people don't usually visit Michelin recognised eateries to try something conventional.

And for dessert...

There's plenty to intrigue the sweet-toothed amongst you. A highlight nestling at the bottom of the menu is our new turron panna cotta paired with luxury aerated white chocolate. It promises to transport you back to childhood on a first-class culinary express train.

Come experience it for yourself

Combined with all your old favourites, such as our yuzu infused inside-out chicken wings this is a menu we're thoroughly delighted with and can't wait to share with you when it goes live September 4th. Click here to view the menu in full

Give us a call on 01159 410410, or click here to book your table now.

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Unknown member
Sep 15, 2019

Great food as always. Poor service though, to the point of being rushed. Last night was not a fine dining experience.

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